Alpaca In The Back'a My Car!

Written by Ben Farber and Illustrated by Claudia Sloan

Alpaca in the Back'a of my Car!
PAPERBACK | English Language | Children's Book, Recommended for Ages 3+ 
Size 8.5" x 8.5" | 32 pages |ISBN: 978-1-955153-05-8

 | Publication date: Nov. 28, 2022   

Available in E-Book too!  

If you meet an alpaca, don't give him a ride.  He'll want to bring his friends.  They think that's implied.  Take it from me, 'cause I barely survived.  If you like silly stories, a new one's arrived.  A heroic tale of teamwork.  A story about an alpaca taking me on a journey to right wrongs and save friends.