Ginger Dog or Ginger Bear?

Written by Rodgers Wilson, MD and Illustrated and Translated by Claudia Sloan

Ginger Dog or Ginger Bear?
La Perrita Ginger o la Osa Ginger?

PAPERBACK | Bilingual, English and Spanish Language | Children's Book, Recommended for Ages 3+  | Size 8.5" x 8.5" | 32 pages |ISBN: 9781483467023 | Publication date: Jan., 2017   

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Ginger Dog is a Yorkie who resides near a forest. Because she is so small, Ginger Dog worries she is not respected by all of the other animals that live around her. After speaking to Big Sarah the Bear, she decides to declare herself a bear to gain respect.

In this whimsical and colorful children’s tale, a little dog who wants to change into a big bear soon discovers that there is nothing wrong with being herself.  Includes a Guide for Teachers and Parents!


La perrita Ginger es una Yorkie que reside cerca de un bosque. Debido a que es tan pequeña, ella se preocupa de no ser respetada por todos los otros animales que viven a su alrededor. Después de hablar con la Gran Sarah la Osa, ella decide declararse una osa para ganar respeto.

 En este cuento de niños imaginario y colorido, una pequeña perrita que quiere convertirse en osa grande pronto descubre que no hay nada malo con ser ella misma.  ¡Incluye una Guía para Educadores y Padres de Familia!

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